24 Sep 2023
Jordan University of Science and Technology" Implements Projects Worth 2 Million Jordanian Dinars in Cooperation with National Institutions

In a press release issued by Jordan University of Science and Technology, the President of the University, Prof. Khalid El-Salem said that the volume of projects implemented by the University's Engineering Workshops Unit for local community institutions amounted to approximately 2 million Jordanian dinars in the last four years.

These projects were distributed among a number of important institutions. The unit manufactured school chairs for the Ministry of Education in two stages. The total value of this project amounted to approximately half a million Jordanian dinars.

 The statement explained that other government institutions, including the Jordanian Customs Department, the Free Zones Foundation, the Jordanian Judicial Institute, the National Center for Cybersecurity, the Higher Education Accreditation Commission, and the Ministry of Culture, implemented projects with the unit with a total value of approximately one and a half million Jordanian dinars.

University President added that, in line with the societal role that higher education institutions in all their forms must play towards society, the Engineering Workshops Unit at Jordan University of Science and Technology, through its technical and human cadres, manufactures office furniture and main supplies for various ministries and government institutions. In addition to manufacturing spare parts for factories, companies, as well as members of the local community.

The unit also works to provide technical consultations to some public and private sector institutions in terms of installing and operating some industrial devices and training engineers on how to operate and maintain them, in addition to the unit's training of newly graduated engineers in cooperation with some ministries and the Jordanian Engineers Association.

El-Salem stated that the university's administration has taken it upon itself to harness its human energies in order to implement the lofty royal visions and the ongoing directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein and His Highness Crown Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II in serving all societal sectors in order to build fruitful and complementary partnerships and cooperation that achieve the desired results. In sustainable national development.

El-Salem pointed out that the unit, through the national projects it implemented related to the manufacture of a large group of spare parts, in addition to various wood and metal products, the university and its engineering workshops unit did not aim to compete with institutions and industrial workshops belonging to the public and private sectors, but rather the unit sought to improve the quality of work and products. Thus, it becomes an example to be emulated in this regard, based on its mission, which is to provide disciplined and distinguished engineering and production services to students, faculty members, and the public and private sectors, and to produce most of the university's needs of furniture and spare parts with the best quality and the lowest possible price.

El-Salem stressed that the community role of the unit did not take it away from its basic mission, which is the work and activities related to training students of the Faculty of Engineering on manual skills, skills in operating industrial machines, measurement skills, and production processes, and providing them with the technical skills that are consistent with the training plan in the Faculty of Engineering. The students practice training in the workshops (turning). (Electricity, heating and plumbing, metal welding, metal casting, sheet metal, carpentry) in addition to activities and work related to the implementation of students' graduation projects according to the drawings and designs that are provided to the unit by the student and under the direct supervision of the concerned faculty member and in coordination with the technician responsible for implementing the project. .

El-Salem added that the engineering workshops carry out the practical part of scientific research for all faculty members at the university and implement some research by faculty members in other Jordanian universities.