10 Sep 2023
The President of Jordan University of Science and Technology Announces the Opening of the First "Specialized Smoking Cessation Clinic" in Jordanian universities in Response to Royal Directives

In a quick response to the royal directives, the President of Jordan University of Science and Technology, Prof. Khalid El-Salem, announced the opening of a specialized clinic to quit smoking and prevent its spread. This is within the framework of the health well-being initiative, which includes a number of services related to raising the level of health well-being in the university community, which is adopted by the university administration in recognition of the complementarity of roles between the university, the local community and the country in general.

El-Salem stressed that this pioneering initiative is considered the first in the public and private Jordanian universities, as the university responded immediately to the calls of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein to pay attention to the need to educate young people about the dangers of this dangerous scourge on the young generation. So that this clinic provides its services to the university community of students, professors and employees to spread the anti-smoking culture to reduce the proportion of smokers in society, especially among the youth who represent the future of this country.

El-Salem added that Jordan University of Science and Technology places the health well-being of its students at the top of its priorities by opening a special counseling clinic to contribute to reducing the phenomenon of smoking among students, in order to achieve the desired goals of this pioneering initiative by educating and helping members of the university community to get rid of the smoking habit