28 Mar 2023
The League of Arab States Awards Professor Mona Abu Dalo the Excellence Award for Arab Women in the Field of Technology and Innovation

March 27 /// The League of Arab States awarded the Dean of Postgraduate Studies at Jordan University of Science and Technology, Prof. Mona Ahmed Abu Dlou, the Excellence Award for Arab Women in its third session for the year 2022, as a document for her scientific and practical participation and her active contribution in the field of technology and innovation.

Prof. Abu Dalo indicated that the goal of the Excellence Award for Arab Women in the field of technology and innovation is to highlight the pioneering and distinguished role of Arab women in the fields of technology and innovation and to present an honorable image of Arab women in regional and international forums. She added that t is considered the most important Arab award through which distinguished Arab women who have contributed to the development and advancement of their societies are honored. The award is based on open nomination mechanisms for all women and impartial arbitration and depends on standards of achievement and excellence in responsibility to reach the degree of excellence.

Abu Dalo praised the role of the University of Science and Technology in providing a stimulating and supportive scientific, academic, research environment in the fields of research, leadership and innovation, which contributed to achieving this achievement by deserving of the award and obtaining it.