05 Nov 2022
Jordan University of Science and Technology participates in four projects in SOFEX 2022


Nov. 4

Jordan University of Science and Technology participated in the SOFEX 2022 conference held in Aqaba, in cooperation with the Jordan Design and Development Bureau (JODDB), with four projects designed by students and under the supervision of researchers from the university.

The projects included a drone, an electric car, a charger for an electric car, and carbon and zinc nanofibers to protect against UV rays.

The president of the university, Prof. Khalid l-Salem, , said that this participation represents an added value to the university, its students and its cadres, in light of the international reputation of SOFEX, and the sublime royal patronage it enjoys, praising the strategic partnership with (JODDB) and the Jordanian Armed Forces.

El-Salem added that the university is proud to be an incubator for creativity and innovation that provides a scientific environment, a technological infrastructure, and the ideal conditions for such achievements, and that the participation of students and researchers from the university reflects their high level.

For their part, the participants expressed their pride in this participation, expressing their thanks to the University for providing them with all facilities and for embracing their ideas and crystallize them into projects on the ground.

From the university, participated in the exhibition the Dean of the Institute of Nanotechnology, Prof. Burhan Al-Din Al-Bess, Dean of the Faculty Scientific Research, Prof. Tarek Moqttash, Director of the Center of Excellence for Creative Projects, Prof. Dr. Muhannad Qwaider, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Hazem Al-Smadi, Head of the Technology Incubator and Technical Support Division, Eng. Mustafa Al-Saleh, and students, Muhammad Muayyad Al-Omari and Muhammad Nour Tawaha.

It is noteworthy that the SOFEX Military Conference and Exhibition specializes in special operations equipment, homeland security and defense industries technology, and provides a platform for the participation of decision-makers, leaders and military officials to exchange practical and theoretical experiences and transform opportunities into real partnerships to neutralize future threats.