13 Sep 2022
The Activities of the First International Conference on Climate Change and Health Start at Jordan University of Science and Technology

September 10

The activities of the first international conference on climate change and health in the Middle East and North Africa, entitled "The Role of Science and Policies", started at Jordan University of Science and Technology on Saturday Sep. 10, in cooperation with the University of California San Diego with research funding from the American National Institute of Health.

The conference, which will be attended by researchers and interested people from governmental and international institutions, will discuss a number of themes related to harsh weather conditions and weather fluctuations, irregular rainfall, drought, high temperatures, high evaporation rates, groundwater depletion, and the agricultural sector being particularly threatened by climate change. Climate and its effects.

The Dean of Scientific Research at the university, Prof. Dr. Tariq Muqttash, said during his sponsorship of the launch ceremony that the university’s adoption of this conference is an extension to the role of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in preserving the climate, and that Jordan, for decades, and based on generous royal directives, shares the international responsibility to confront the dangers of climate change, pointing out Jordan is one of the first countries that signed the climate change agreement in 1992 and adopted all the strategies that resulted from it.

He added that Jordan University of Science and Technology is a strategic partner for a large number of international bodies, due to its ability to complete these projects and achieve their desired goals in a remarkable way, which is an extension of the university's research excellence, as it is at the fore in the field of research support and scientific publishing, and is considered one of the best international institutions in terms of the impact of published scientific papers and citations. Scientific research, which contributed to research excellence and supplemented the university’s classification in several international databases.