03 May 2021
The Future of Innovation and Modern Technology

In celebration of Jordan’s centennial, the Faculty of Science and Arts organized an online symposium entitled “The Future of Innovation and Modern Technology”. The keynote speaker was Professor Omar Hatamleh, who has been heading the Technological Integration unit at NASA for more than 25 years. Prof. Hatamleh is a graduate of Stanford University and has several books in the fields of artificial intelligence and technology.

The symposium dealt with a number of different topics, such as Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the different industrial, educational, and commercial sectors, the future of business, energy, sustainability, world economy, along with the applications of both virtual and augmented reality.

Prof. Sa’eb A. Khresat, President of Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), said that holding such symposia is an integral part of the strategic plan of JUST, which aims to keep up with and adopt technological developments, develop the educational process, and foresee future developments in the field of science. Prof. Khresat also stressed the fact that JUST has always supported scientists and will continue to provide them with the necessary tools in pursuit of excellence, creativity, and innovation.

Further, Prof Qutaibeh Katatbeh, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Arts, said that the basic sciences form the backbone of technological development and modern technology. Prof Katatbeh also pointed out that the university constantly develops academic plans and introduces new programs that seek to keep pace with the future market demands that are expected to heavily rely on artificial intelligence.