04 Apr 2019
the World Oral Health Day under the slogan or theme "Act on Mouth Health"


Under the patronage of the Dean of College of Dentistry, The Oral Health festival was opened at JUST today to revive the activities of the World Oral Health Day under the slogan or theme "Act on Mouth Health".

This day embodies the actual role, harmony and integration between the university and the surrounding society, as it coincides with the World Oral Health Day, which aims to increase attention to oral and dental diseases and ways to prevent them.

The activities of the festival include a detailed explanation and information on how to care for oral, teeth and dental implants; oral and dental examination for students and staff; and the role of proper nutrition for the safety of their teeth. Moreover, free samples of brushes and toothpastes were distributed to the candidates and they were given appointments to complete treatment in the University Dental Teaching Clinics. One more exciting activity was the Bike marathon.

The Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Prof. Firas Al-Qur'an, said that the College's participation comes within the framework of a clear and thoughtful program that stems from the vision of the University to establish these health campaigns. This is all in order to reach people in our campus, giving advice and information about achieving wellbeing through good oral health.  

The Vice Dean of the College and Director of Dental Clinics at the University campus, Prof. Rola Habashneh, said that JUST Oral Health Day 2019 calls for concrete action to promote oral health and  said that we will hopefully achieve this by running public-facing campaigns that spread positive messages about the importance of a healthy smile.

Special thanks go to all the dental companies participating in this day, College of Applied Medical Sciences and The Center for Development and Creativity / "Darrajati" .

World Oral Health Day is a global day of oral education. This day is launched on 20 March every year and aims to raise global awareness of oral health issues and the importance of oral health so that governments, health associations and the general public can work together to achieve the goal of this day.