15 Jul 2022
Applying for Admission in the Parallel Program For Non-Jordanian certificate

Jordan University of Science and Technology announces the opening of applying for admission to the bachelor's degree in the parallel program for the [first] semester of the academic year [2022-2023] starting from [Tuesday] [5/7/2022] until [Thursday] [1/9/2022], according to the following conditions:

1-     Jordanian students

2-     Palestinian students who have the Palestinian General Secondary Education Certificate.

3-     Non-Jordanian students of Jordanian mothers.

It is not permissible to apply for the two specializations "Doctor of Medicine and Dentistry" for students who have obtained a General Secondary Education Certificate from previous years.

How to Apply:

Access to the online application via https://services.just.edu.jo/applic​ and get a user name, password and file number, then enter student's personal information.


A.     Pay the admission application fee for each major the student chooses. Students can pay the admission application fee in one of the following ways:

1-     VISA

2-     eFAWATEERcom

B.     Choose the program and specialization from the list and then approve the application – the available programs and specializations can be viewed before paying the application fee through the available specializations tab.


Completing admission procedures and getting student ID


A.   Admission and completion of admission procedures for the students is electronic and based on the information entered by the student who bears full responsibility in case that the information being entered is incorrect (whether the mistake was intentional or unintentional), and if the student being admitted did not meet the admission requirements, s/he loses the right to be admitted and is not entitled to claim any fees to be paid.

B.    Fees can be paid to students nominated for admission as follows:

1-     Electronic payment via VISA

2-     Via eFAWATEERcom


An e-mail will be sent to the student containing the financial receipt with the university number and password.

Required Documents (for Admitted Students)

1-     General Secondary Certificate:

1.1   Arabic Transcript (certified copy) certified or equivalent from the Jordanian Ministry of Education.

1.2   The equivalency document for the Saudi certificate and foreign certificates from the Jordanian Ministry of Education.

1.3   A document from the Jordanian Ministry of Education showing the average and the branch for Arab secondary certificates that do not contain the average or branch.

2-     A certified copy of the Civil Status Card for Jordanian students.

3-     A copy of the passport for non-Jordanian student, certified by the issuing authority, and proof of Palestinian nationality for the Palestinian student (who do not hold a temporary Jordanian or Palestinian passport).

4-     A certified copy of the security identification card (magnetic) issued by the security centers in the Public Security Directorate for Syrian students.

5-     Military service card for Jordanian students.

6-     A free-of-communicable-diseases certificate approved by the official authorities inside or outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

7-     Two 4 x 6 cm personal photos (Student Services - Deanship of Student Affairs).

8-     The Identification Card for non-Jordanian students of Jordanian Mothers.


Note: An email will be sent to the student with the required documents according to the data entered upon the application for admission.


1.     The course registration period and the period for placement test for newly admitted students the study starting date for the [FIRST] semester of the academic year [2022/2023] will be determined later.

v It is not permissible to apply for course equivalency (LG 099, NM 099) for students who take a placement test in these courses at the university, and it is not permissible to apply for placement tests if there is a request for course equivalency (LG 099, NM 099).

v Students who have taken placement tests at other public Jordanian universities and passed them can apply for course equivalency (LG 099, NM 099).

v A student who has a TOEFL certificate with a score of no less than (500), an IELTS certificate with a score of no less than (5), or an ICDL certificate issued by the (UNESCO) will be exempted, and the local certificate will not be approved.

v Bridging students do not sit to placement tests.

v The student who changes major during the period of admission do not pay any additional fees.

v The student who changes major during the period of admission do not sit to the placement test for a second time when he sits in his previous major as the placement test is automatically transferred to the new major.

v The student who does not wish to sit for the placement tests and wants to study the courses related to the placement tests must submit an application through the electronic student services page.

2.     Equivalency for Courses Taken in another University:

v Students who have studied courses at other universities can apply for an equivalency at the faculty to which they were admitted (after getting the university number).

In case of any problem with submitting applications or creating an account, please contact the mail: applic@just.edu.jo

To inquire about any matter related to admission, please contact admission@just.edu.jo