18 May 2022
Announcement: The Date for the University Proficiency Exam for the Students Expected to Graduate in the Second and Summer Semesters 2021/ 2022

Dear Students:

Kindly note that the date for the university proficiency exam for the students who are expected to graduate in the second and summer semesters 2021/2022 of those who have completed all their credit hours and left only with training in the second semester 2021/2022 for the following specializations and faculties only

· Faculty of Medicine

· Faculty of Dentistry

· Faculty of Nursing

· Faculty of Pharmacy

· Faculty of Science and Arts

· Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

· Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences

· Design an Visual Communication from the Faculty of Architecture

will be on Monday and Tuesday, 30-31/5/2022, according to the attached file, and the exam will be inside the university campus. As for the students of Doctor of Medicine, there will be a clinical qualifying exam at the same date.

Students can get all details from the attached file by entering the serial number, followed by (Ctrl+F), and then clicking (Enter).

The exam is a mandatory requirement for graduation in the above mentioned faculties for this semester, without which, it will not be possible to complete the procedures of graduation for the student who doesn’t attend the exam, and consequently, can’t get his/her certificates according to the decision of the Ministry of Higher Education in this regard. In case of having any enquiries concerned with the qualifying exam, please refer to the Academic Development and Quality Assurance Center.