The 12th International Conference on Information and Communication Systems (ICICS 2021)
24-26 May 2021 Valencia - Spain (Virtual)

ICICS 2021

The International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems for Cybersecurity

AISC 2020 CFP:

In today’s world, billions of connected systems created ever ending flow of data, which is prone to cyberattacks, which needs a fast and accurate detection of cyber-attacks. Intelligent systems and Data analytics are important components when matters pertaining to effective security solution becomes subject of discussion. This is because there is an impeding need high volume and high velocity data from different sources to detect anomalies as soon as they arise.  This will help reduce significantly the vulnerability of the systems as well as improve their resilience. The capability to process large volumes of information real time through utilization of tool for data analytics has many advantages vital for analysis of cybersecurity systems. Moreover, the data collected from advanced  intelligent systems  cloud systems, networks, sensors, computers, intrusion detection systems could be used to identify vital information. These information could be used to detect how vulnerable the systems are to risks factors, and so effective Cyber security solution can be developed. In addition to that, the utilization of data analytics tools in the cybersecurity field gives new insights through considering factors such as zero-day attack detection, real time analysis; resource constrained data processing among others. This paper examines how bid data analytics provide solution for cybersecurity in many


The AISC 2021 symposium  addresses the use of  advanced intelligent systems in providing  cybersecurity solutions in many fields, and  the  challenges, approaches, and future



Suggested Topics:

Intelligent systems for effective detection of cyber-attacks

Advanced Intelligent systems and data analytics for Cloud/Edge systems security

Vulnerability  assessment and Malware detection using intelligent systems

Intelligent systems for intrusion detection in Internet of Things (IoT) systems

Network forensics using intelligent systems and data analytics

Data Analytics for privacy-by-design in smart health

Case Studies and Applications

The symposium seeks papers with conceptual and theoretical contributions, proposed solutions and simulations,  and real life implementations and case studies


Submission guidelines:

Prospective authors are requested to submit new, unpublished manuscripts for inclusion in the upcoming event described in this call for papers. Paper submissions should follow the submission format and guidelines at : .

Submission System:


Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline: 10 April 2021

Notification of Acceptance: 30 April 2021

Camera Ready Submission: 10 May 2021


Organizing Committe

Lo’ai Tawalbeh, Texas A&M University-San Antonio, USA.


Yassine Maleh,. University Sultan Moulay Slimane, Morocco

Gokay Saldamli: San Jose State University, CA, USA.

Dr. Ahmed A. Abd El-Latif : Menoufia University, Egypt