Workshop on Statistical Analysis Using SPSS Statistical Package
09 Oct 2023

A training workshop for institute's students was held at the institute on Monday 9-10-2023 ​for two days entitled "​ Statistical Analysis Using SPSS Statistical Package".

​​​Day one of the workshop began with a welcome message from the Dean of Nanotechnology of Institute, Prof. Borhan Aldeen Albiss. In his opening remarks, Dean Albiss touched on one of institute most urgent research Priorities: statistical analysis. The goal of this workshop is to provide participants with a basic knowledge and skills to use SPSS and perform statistical analysis using SPSS software before starting the research project.​​

This event was supervised by Dr. Mahmoud M. Smadi, Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. He expressed his sincere gratitude and appreciation to the institute staff for the warm reception and hospitality.​

​All institute's students said: "So glad that we had the opportunity to be a part of this workshop because of its importance in scientific research!​ We appreciate to a helpful supervisor for providing us with one of the scientific tools to achieve our research projects.”