Knowledge Sharing Initiative
04 Apr 2023

Knowledge is crucial for both individuals and institutions to succeed in the environment that is becoming more and more competitive. How to best use knowledge to add the most value is therefore the central issue and topic of discussion in the modern economy. Knowledge is power, but sharing it takes that ability to a whole new level. Knowledge creation, application, and dissemination are integrated in outstanding educational institutions. This initiative comes as a result of the Institute of Nanotechnology's belief that a top-notch educational institution is built on the effective knowledge sharing.
The institute of nanotechnology launched this initiative at the beginning of the spring semester of the academic year 2022-2023 to act in line with the university's mission and philosophy. Students, through this initiative, will learn about cutting-edge nanotechnology research studies, as well as other soft skills related to writing research proposals, technical reports, and theses. The initiative is run by the students, who will present on any topic of their choice. Each presentation is followed by an open discussion with the Dean and faculty members on the topics brought up during the presentation.
Initiative activities:
A topic Entitled " Bulk nanostructures; tools to characterize "
Presenter Eng. Ahmed Malkawi, MSc. Student.
A topic Entitled "Liposomal nanotechnology for drug delivery application"

Presenter PharmD. Diala Khasawneh, MSc. Student.