Important Announcement: Midterm Makeup Exams dates for the courses of the College of Computer and Information Technology in the second semester (2021/2022)
16 May 2022

  • ​All  Software Engineering courses (except for those previously specified by the coordinators) on Sunday 22/5.
  • All Network Engineering and Security courses on Monday 23/5.
  • ​​​All​ Computer Engineering courses on Tuesday 24/5.
  • All Computer Science courses (except for CS 102 and CS 116) on Sunday 29/5.
  • All Computer Information Systems courses on Monday 30/5.
  • The courses of CS 102 and CS 116 were previously announced on eLearning (on Tuesday 17/5).

Each department will determine the reserved rooms for its own courses later.

Note: Students who have more than one exam on the same day and time indicated above, must review the department heads for the relevant subjects no later than Wednesday 18/5.