International Conference on"WATER MANAGEMENT IN ARID AND SEMI-ARID LANDS, 2017"
18 Dec 2017

WATER MANAGEMENT IN ARID AND SEMI-ARID LANDS, 2017 International Conference held at Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid in the period 7-10 October 2017. This conference aims to be one of the leading international conferences for promoting sustainable water management and improving livelihood of people in arid lands.




HE Dr. Hazim El Naser is currently the Minister of water and Irrigation for the second time since March 2013. HE worked in developing the long term vision of Jordan's Water and Agriculture Sectors and associated policies. He has initiated several strategic regional water projects like the Red-Dead Water Conveyance project, Wadi Arab Water Supply Projects, Shiedieyh-Hasa water conveyance project and witnessed the full operation of the Disi water conveyance project which is supplying the most water stressed governorates of Jordan. HE Dr El Naser earned his Post-Doctorate studies in Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis from Harvard University-USA in 1996. PhD from the Technical University of Munich and Wüerzburg-Germany in Groundwater Resources in 1991. MSc in Hydrology from the University of Jordan-Jordan in 1987 and BSc Hydrology from the University of Jordan-Jordan in in 1985. HE published more than 55 scientific papers in the field of water, sanitation, irrigated agriculture and environment, and a BOOK on "Management of Scarce Water Resources in the ME (2009), WTI Press, UK.

Recently, HE initiated a bundle of fast track projects to absorb the shock of the Syrian refugees which resulted in a sudden rise of water demand in the country. HE played a key role in the sector reform and amendments to the Water Authority laws and legislations for water resource protection and control of illegal violations on water infrastructure which resulted in controlled abstraction of the precious groundwater resources.




Muhammad R. Shatanawi is Professor of Water Resources and Irrigation, UNESCO Chair in Hydrology and Ex-Minister of Water and Irrigation in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.  Dr. Shatanawi has had a distinguished career as a minister, professor, scientist, researcher, decision maker and policy advisor in the area of water resources and environment.  He has more than thirty years of diverse and wide experience domestically and internationally in hydraulic engineering, water resources management, water and agriculture policy,  irrigation systems design, hydrology of arid areas and water desalination.  The results of his research and other work experience have had a measurable impact on policy development, improving water use efficiency, water quality and environmental quality in  Jordan.