Purdue’s Global Engineering Leadership Team Visits JUST
22 May 2017

Purdue’s Global Engineering Leadership team represented by Professor Arvind Ramin and Professor Alexander Mosseson visited JUST to explore possible ways of collaboration between the two institutions in solving global engineering challenges facing the developing countries and the world population.

The team met with JUST president, Prof. Omar Al Jarrah and discussed possible partnership projects and strategies that could contribute to the already established strategic partnership between the two institutions especially in three main strategic pillars agreed on which include the regional institute for infectious disease and antimicrobial resistance, Distance learning technologies for refugees, and innovation capacity building in Jordan.

The team also delivered a presentation to JUST students about the Global Engineering Program at Purdue and met with the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof Yahia Qawasmi and the Director of Queen Rania Al Abdullah Center for Environmental Sciences and Technology Dr. Jamal Abu Ashour. The team also explored possible collaborations with the director of the International Relations Office and the Dr. Abdulrauf Rjoub form the Faculty of Information Technology.