Information session for IAESTE chapter at the College of Engineering at JUST
20 Feb 2019

The newly established IAESTE chapter at the College of Engineering at JUST has held an information session on February 7th, at Al Karama Auditorium. During the session members of the local chaptersintroduced the concept of IAESTE, the benefits of training abroad for engineering students, and presented some of the past experience of JUST alumni with IAESTE. They also explained the application process for IAESTE internships for the upcoming summer semester and presented a summary of available interships.

The session was attended by the Dean of Engineering, Prof. Suhil Kiwan who addressed students in attendance. Prof. Kiwan stressed the importance of the engineering training class in terms of enhancing soft and technical skills that are not completely covered in academic courses. He also urged the students to carefully chose their training experience and to make the best of these choices, he finally wished students luck in their applications to IAESTE internships.

The JUST IAESTE student chapter was established in September 2018, and is composed of engineering student volunteers. The chapter's aim is to facilitate attaining IAESTE internships for JUST students and to assist incoming international students during their traineeship in Jordan especially those in the north of Jordan.