A list of the most prominent achievements of the program and the awards it received
Health projects (Health Awareness Day) at Al-Sareeh health center and Al-Takaful health center
25 Apr 2018

​A group of master student at Faculty of Nursing conducted 4 health projects in two health settings , as a course requist (Health Promotion and Health Education through Life Span: NUR768) which was supervised by Dr Ahlam Al-Natour. 

The projects:
Tuseday, 17/4/2018, at Al-Sareeh health center/ Al-Sareeh
The subjects title:
1. Immunization
2. Urine Incontinence 
Wedensday, 18/4/2018, Al-Takaful health center/ Al Ramtha
The subjects title:
1. Physical Fitness 
Activities included: 
4 presentation were conducted, educational material and panphlets were distributed, and open discussion with audience at these.