A list of the most prominent achievements of the program and the awards it received
Open Day under the title “Optimal Health for Children with Disabilities”
04 Dec 2019

A group of Master students in Pediatric Nursing at Jordan University of Science and Technology organized an open day event in December 3, 2019 to celebrate the International Day for People with Special Needs under the title “Optimal health for children with disabilities”
The event was under supervision of the Dean of school of Nursing, Dr. Huda Gharaibeh and Dr. Reem Jumah Ali. 
The main focus of the event was on the communication between nurses and children, other related topics were also, presented including such as;
1- The concept of disability according to the World Health Organization
2 - Statistics related to the numbers of people with special needs globally and in Jordan
3 – Barriers to effective communications between nurses and sick children with special needs during hospitalization
4- Plan of the World Health Organization to improve the level of health services provided to children with special needs
5 – Alternative means of communications with children with special needs using alternative   such as Agumentative Alternative Communication (AAC) Smartphone applications.
6- Impact  of effective communications on the health of children with special needs.