The First Graduates of Intercalated Program in Basic Medical Sciences in Jordan/ iBMS-JO
31 Jul 2023

The first graduate of iBMS-JO marks a historic milestone in both Jordan and the MENA region. Being the pioneer of this groundbreaking program, the graduate has set a remarkable precedent for future generations of medical students and researchers.


As the first graduate of its kind, the individual has completed the iBSc degree in Basic Medical Sciences (BMS), a program that was previously unavailable in the region. This achievement not only demonstrates the graduate's dedication and commitment to academic excellence but also reflects the immense potential of iBMS-JO in transforming medical education in Jordan and beyond.


The iBSc degree in BMS offered by iBMS-JO provides a unique and specialized academic opportunity for medical students of high ability who aspire to pursue careers in academia. Through this program, the graduate has gained a comprehensive understanding of the scientific principles that form the foundation of modern medical practice. Moreover, the graduate has developed proficiency in a diverse range of laboratory techniques, equipping them with practical skills essential for a successful career in medical research and practice.


One of the most significant advantages of iBMS-JO is the opportunity it provides for students to engage in substantial laboratory research projects. By navigating the challenges and complexities of such projects, the graduate has honed their critical thinking, problem-solving, and research skills, making them well-prepared for the rigors of the medical field.


The iBMS-JO program not only focuses on academic excellence but also emphasizes the importance of networking and collaboration. The graduate has had the opportunity to establish valuable contacts within the medical community, which will undoubtedly prove to be invaluable in shaping their future career path.


Moreover, as the graduate forms connections with medical schools in Jordan and the European Union, iBMS-JO continues to strengthen professional networking between these institutions. This collaboration not only benefits the individual graduate but also promotes cross-border learning and research opportunities for future medical students.


In conclusion, the first graduate of iBMS-JO embodies the spirit of innovation, academic excellence, and future potential that the program represents. Their accomplishment sets the stage for a transformative era in medical education and research, paving the way for aspiring medical students to follow in their footsteps and contribute to advancements in the medical field.​

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