Today, Wednesday 10/25/2023, a valuable scientific lecture was held entitled Malnutrition Management for Hospitalized Patients
29 Oct 2023

  It was delivered by Dr. Abdullah Shatnawi, Consultant in Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the Digestive Diseases Institute at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, as part of the activities of the Deanship of the College of Medicine and the Medical Department at the hospital and coordinated by the Department of Internal Medicine and in the presence of Professor Dr. Bashir Khasawneh, Dean of the College of Medicine at the Jordan University of Science and Technology, and Deputy Director General Dr. Suleiman Al-Momani and a large number of specialist doctors, resident and intern doctors, a number of heads of medical departments and divisions, and interested professors and medical students at the Jordan University of Science and Technology. Dr. Naser Obeidat, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and diagnostic radiologist at the hospital, introduced the honorable guest and gave an overview of his scientific, practical and research biography .


The lecture delivered by Professor Al-Shatnawi addressed several aspects concerned with treating malnutrition that patients may suffer from during their admission to hospitals for various reasons as a direct result of their diseases, such as cancer, for example but not limited to, from which the patient suffers from a depletion of the body's resources of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, which requires special medical intervention to compensate for this depletion and help deliver additional supportive resources to improve the patient's chances of a rapid recovery. He also presented some of the latest developments in medical nutrition science, which would develop the health system in the hospital with the aim of providing optimal medical care to patients.


The Director General of the Hospital, Professor Dr. Khaldoun Bashayra, stressed the necessity of holding such lectures and seminars that would raise the level of theoretical and practical performance among workers, raise the level of health culture and exchange experiences, which comes within a series of awareness and education programs pursued by the hospital administration to exchange experiences from all countries and in order to ensure Keeping up with the latest scientific developments in the world of medicine.​