Welcome From The Dean
After having an academic career in different regions all over the world, I have found that the College of Architecture and Design is exceptional. It includes academicians from different regions, each with different culture and backgrounds, that diversity enhances the education process vastly. In addition this College includes three departments; Architecture, City Planning and Design and Design and Visual Communication, which enriches the education curriculums.
Meet Our Students
17 Jan
Jordan University of Science & Technology; is pleased to announce that the Bachelor of Science in Architecture Degree offered by the Department of Architecture; has been granted the NAAB International Certification for a term of six years starting January 1st 2022.
29 Aug
Organizing a workshop for (urban planning and sustainable development) in the presence of a representative of the Prime Minister
11 Jul
Holding a serise of workshops related to manual skills, model making and design programs in order to train and refine students' skills
06 May
Holding the first meeting of the Advisory Board of the College of Architecture and Design in the presence of the Vice President of the University which is concerned with the outputs of the college and the labor market