Managing Bee Hives During the Fall and Winter
08 Nov 2017

​Managing hives during the fall and winter to complement to the initiative launched by the Faculty of Agriculture, in University of science and technology under the heading "Jordanian beekeepers service within the University”.  This workshop supports the collaboration between the University and the local community in terms of providing excellent education and innovative scientific research and to develop expertise and capabilities in the Jordanian community groups. Thus an educational workshop was held for Jordanian beekeepers in cooperation with Association of Bee keepers in Ajluon Mountains. This workshop was inaugurated by the Dean Agriculture Professor Kamel Z. Mahmood who stressed on the role of the Faculty of Agriculture on providing the support and service to the beekeepers and farmers in the Kingdom of Jordan. Professor of bees in the University and the workshop supervisor Abdul Majeed Ghazawi presented two scientific papers: the first discuss the management of the hive during the fall and winter terms and explain the concept of managing hives during different seasons of the year with a focus on the needs of the hives During this period as well as the errors committed by the beekeeper and the implications of those mistakes. In the second paper was focused on the bees breed compared with global economic strains of bees and the hybrids derived from them. Also, the latest global study of hybrids produced in this strain the University to the bearings and thermal resistance to pests.