Veterinary tent activity and free veterinary medical day
15 May 2023

Today, Wednesday, 5/10/2023, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Jordan University of Science and Technology held an open veterinary day aimed at introducing the specialty of veterinary medicine and surgery and the most important fields of work for the veterinarian. It is an academic and professional activity organized by the “Alpha Student Team.”

Professor Dr. Suhad Al-Jundi, Vice President of the University, opened the Veterinary Day activities on behalf of the University President, in the presence of faculties deans, members of the teaching and administrative bodies, and university students.

Professor Dr. Sameeh Abu Tarbush, Dean of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, said that the veterinary open day was dedicated to highlighting the profession of veterinary medicine and the fine humanitarian efforts of the veterinarian and the great efforts he makes to enhance the concept of public health, and to enhance partnership and integration between the university, the various sectors, and the local community.

The veterinary day included a tent that included many awareness activities related to the treatment and kindness of animals, a pavilion that included a display of pets, including cats and dogs, and the provision of free veterinary medical services for pets, in addition to specialized stores for animal supplies to provide advice and some samples, and a stable to display some small horses and animals. The most important participating clinics are Zarqa Center for Animal Medicine, Al-Faqih, Trust, and Best Friend. Coupons and gifts were provided by the entities participating in the event, such as Secret Café, La Vie Café, Khan Zaid, Trackway, and Chopin Sweets.​​​​​