Fourteenth meeting of the scientific association of Arab faculties of veterinary medicine
11 Jan 2023

The Scientific Association of Arab Faculties of Veterinary Medicine held its annual meeting on Tuesday, 12/27/2022, headed by the Secretary-General of the Scientific Association of Arab Faculties of Veterinary Medicine, Prof. Dr. Samih Muhammad Abu Tar​​​bush / Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Jordan University of Science and Technology / Jordan, and in the presence of the deans of the faculties of veterinary medicine in Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Morocco, Lebanon and Palestine. Many topics were discussed during the meeting, the most important of which was discussing a joint plan to control the quality of education in Veterinary medicine in the Arab region, the idea of creating and implementing the Arab Board in veterinary medicine, and the financial and administrative situation of the association.

One of the most important recommendations of this meeting is to elect an executive committee for the association and agree on the necessity of holding such meetings periodically for the benefit of all faculities of veterinary medicine.

The deans expressed their thanks and appreciation for the efforts made by the General Secretariat to raise the level of veterinary education in the Arab world.​​