01 Jul
The Water Diplomacy Center (WDC), with support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), is offering fellowship awards for graduate students (MS & PhD) conducting thesis research....
07 Dec
The Water Diplomacy Center at Jordan University of Science and Technology is searching for a Research Assistant for the project titled “Blue Peace Middle East 2.0 – Capacity Development (JUST-WDC)" in Irbid, Jordan. Application Deadline: 17 /12/ 2023
07 Dec
The Water Diplomacy Center at Jordan University of Science and Technology is searching for a highly skilled Communication and Media Officer to oversee the media section within the Blue Peace Middle East Capacity Development Project. The ideal candidate should possess expertise in designing and executing strategic communication and social media strategies aimed at promoting and increasing the project's visibility. Application Deadline: 17 /12/ 2023
19 May
The University of Florida and the Water Diplomacy Center at JUST are collaborating on a three-day workshop, "Climate Smart Food Systems Simulation Modeling," from May 19th to 21st, 2024. Open to researchers and professionals keen on modeling climate-smart food systems, it will focus on soil and water conservation in Jordan's dryland agriculture. The workshop offers a tiered approach covering conceptual modeling, model development, and applications, including water systems, crop modeling, and rangeland systems. It aims to build a modeling community linking Jordanian institutions with UF for potential collaborations and graduate studies.
Projects Completed
Success Partners
Projects We DO
Project "Blue Peace Initiative for Capacity Building"
Blue Peace Middle East is a non-governmental regional initiative that aims to strengthen cooperation over water across borders, sectors and generations.
Fostering Water Diplomacy in MENA
​Fostering water diplomacy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is of paramount importance, given the wa​ter scarcity challenges and historical tensions over water resources in the area. Water diplomacy involves the strategic management and negotiation of water resources to prevent conflicts and promote sustainable development
Yarmouk Futures 2019-2021
The Yarmouk Futures Programme seeks to facilitate the emergence of law-based, equitable and sustainable transboundary water arrangements, with a focus on the Yarmouk tributary of the Jordan River.
Main Objectives
  • Research & Studies
    WDC coordinates research and studies, provide cooperation training in water field & diplomacy across borders.
  • Water Diplomacy
    Promote principles of water diplomacy in the MENA region.
  • Water Management
    Updates decision-makers & champions knowledge & capacity to address water resource management issues
  • Training Cooperation
    WDC provides cooperation training across borders in the Middle East/ West Asian and North Africa.
  • Water Governance
    Ensure sustainable and equitable use of water resources.
  • Bridge Knowledge
    Encourage the collaboration between researchers, diplomats, decision-makers thought-leaders, practitioners