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The Center for E-Learning and Open Educational Resources supports and promotes technological initiatives that enhance student access and engagement in the classroom, as well as faculty excellence in the integration of educational technology into their teaching and research agendas.​

The center reviews, evaluates and enhances the​​​ instructional methods applied at the university from a technological point of view. Moreover, the center aims to stay up-to-date with the latest educational technologies to integrate them into the university educational system, and to improve the experience of both students and faculty members.

The center main focus will be on the following Information and Communication Technology (ICT) areas:
  • The next generation of digital learning environments and resources. 
  • New ICT-based methods for promoting learning and education.
  • ICT-based methods for learning analytics.
  • Educational research.​



The center goal is ​to promote university education through modern methods of teaching and learning which are rooted in learning theory and practice and are enabled by up-to-date educational technology and systematic data-driven techniques of learning analytics.​


E-Learning and Open educational Resources Unit
E-Learning and Open educational Resources Unit E-Learning and ...