Service Details

- Download and install FileZilla client (or any ftp tool).
  You can download FileZilla from the following link:

- Go to "File" and select “Site Manager”.

- A new window will appear, Select "New Site" and choose a name for your site.

Select “General” tab and fill in the following information:
Port: 22
Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
Encryption: Use explicit FTP over TLS if available
Password: student_ID Password
- click "Connect"

- Insert Student_No for students who admitted before year 2017 and Student_Serial for students who admitted in
  year 2017 and later.
- You should use the bar “|” not “\” or “/”.

- In the “Transfer Settings” tap, select “Active” mode.

- Now you can drag and drop your html files from local site to remote site and vice versa.
  Note: your main page name should be "index.html".

- After finishing the above steps, your personal website will be live at the following URL: