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Course Arabicname

اللغة العربية

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Course Description

This course is the theoretical portion and it is 3 weekly credits hours, it is a prerequisite to the second applied portion 103 and its foundation.
This course takes short bright selected scripts from the holy Quran and Hadith and old and new poetry or sayings or scientific readings from the Arabic heritage and the goal of all this is to create a good basis for course 103 in translation, prepositions and proper dictation, writing, and listening. These scripts are kept short to help the subject to not be too expansive to strengthen the student’s relationship with the language and enable him to see all its sides and properties and to figure out ways to use the language in many contexts.
For all these reasons the course is careful to take into consideration all the primary necessities on the language and cover them, and also nourishing the skills that the student has studied in secondary school by enriching it in depth and application, keeping in mind the levels of the students in their previous studies.

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Course Name

اللغة العربية

Course Syllabus

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