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General Pathology

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Jordan University of Science and Technology

Faculty of Medicine

Department of Pathology

General Pathology M231


Course Syllabus

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General Pathology

Course Code

M 231

Course Website

Course Coordinator

Dr. Huda M.Zahawi,  FRC.Path

Office Location

Department of Pathology, third floor, M1

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Course Description

 Pathology is the branch of medicine that deals with the causes and mechanisms of human diseases, Therefore it is one of main foundations of medicine, and it serves to bridge basic medical disciplines with clinical sciences.

Pathology as a whole is usually divided into two parts

  1. General pathology
  2. Systemic pathology

In this course it is only the general pathology part that is going to be covered. This deals with disease processes in general and the study of the basic molecular, cellular and tissue reactions to different injurious agents.


Topics to be covered in this course:

1.                              Cell injury and Adaptation

2.                              Inflammation and Repair

3.                              Hemodynamic disorders

4.                              Neoplasia


Course Objectives

  1. Understand basic tissue reactions to different types of injuries
  1.  Know the etiology of major diseases
  1.  Know the pathogenesis (how) of the diseases
  1.  Describe the morphologic effects produced by the disease
  1. Describe the effects of the disease on the function of organs
  1. Know the outcome and possible complications of the disease




Teaching & Learning Methods


1- Lectures :

. Lectures will address the specific objectives of each topic and try to clarify and demonstrate important concepts. Flow chart, tables and photographs used will be similar to those in the recommended textbook whenever possible . Interactive discussions with students may take place during lectures.

For each chapter a set of specific objective are given to the students. These will act as a guide to what information or skills are needed to be achieved by the students. This helps to achieve concentration on only the relevant and important information

2- Labs :


The whole class is divided into several groups for this activity.

The objective is to be familiar with the morphological patterns of disease through looking at photographs, gross and histological sections and link those with pathogenetic mechanisms and specific disease. Computer based laboratory sessions will be a major component of the practical classes. Several students will be assigned to a PC and they will go over the specified material. Tutors will present prelab discussions & attend these laboratory sessions to assist the students and help in answering their questions

Wherever possible clinical cases will be presented.




Expected Due Date


First Exam

Saturday 27/ 10 / 2007


Second Exam

Saturday 1/ 12 /2007


Practical Exams

These will be incorporated with the 1st.& 2nd.exams


Final Exam

13 – 21/1/2008


* All examinations will be online

* Examination dates are provisional & may be changed by the faculty.




Recommended Textbook

Title :   Robbins Basic Pathology

Authors  Kumar. Cotran. Robbins

Publisher :  Saunders

Year : 2007

Edition : 8 th.edition

* Handouts based on recommended books may be handed out to the students according to the discression of the instructor


LAB Sessions :

The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education




Other Useful Resources :

The PEIR Digital Library





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Course Name

General Pathology

Course Syllabus Pathology_M231/Syllabus for M231.doc
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