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Lab Description

Structural Engineering  Laboratory


The Structural Laboratory of the Civil Engineering Department constructed over an enclosed area of 500 square meters. It is fully equipped and supported by highly qualified technical staff to respond to the needs of academic institutions, researchers, engineers and construction industries for testing of:

  1. Reinforced Concrete
  2. Plan Concrete
  3. Prefab Concrete
  4. Steel Structures
  5. Concrete, Steel, Plastic and other materials Pipes
  6. Reinforcement Steel  Bars  


Latest state of the art equipment's that are mostly fitted with computerized data collection used to perform various types of structural and material testing to the highest standard. Some of these machines are:

  1. 1200 (KN) Universal Testing Machine
  2. 2000 (KN) Universal Testing Machine
  3. 4000 (KN) Universal Testing Machine
  4. Strong Floor and Portal Frame
  5. Static Control Cabinet C1/C2
  6. Dynamic Control Cabinets B1and B2
  7. Data Acquisition System FDS188U-2X
  8. Load Cell 417(KN) Compression 254(KN) Tension
  9. Load Cell 255(KN) Compression 150(KN) Tension
  10. Load Cell 163(KN) Compression 94(KN) Tension
  11. Load Cell 65(KN) Compression 39(KN) Tension
  12. Load Cell 41(KN) Compression 21(KN) Tension
  13. Load Cell 100(KN) Compression 100(KN) Tension
  14. Load Cell 50(KN) Compression 50(KN) Tension
  15. 1000 C Furnace

Testing Services

The followings are the major tests that can be performed at Soil Mechanics Laboratory :

  1. Compressive Strength of Concrete   Cubs and Cylinders
  2. Bending and Shear Tests for Concrete and Steel Beams
  3. Bending and Shear Tests for Concrete and Steel Columns and Frame
  4. Tensile tests for Reinforced Steel Bars
  5. Testing Masonry Walls


Technical Staff

All tests run by highly qualified engineers and technicians who constantly supervised by experienced faculties in order to assure the compliance of these tests with international standards. Accurateness of computer generated tests results are often verified and thus considered reliable by decision-makers. Quality assurance of material testing services maintained through periodic evaluation programs in term of checking the calibration of the equipment and upgrading them to meet the market demands.


Eng. Assem M.D AL-Latyfeh
E-mail: assem-1@just.edu.jo   




Civil Engineering Laboratories

Department of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering – Jordan University of Science and Technology

P.O. Box 22110, Irbid, Jordan
Tel: +962 (2) 7201000 22138 - Fax: +962 (2) 7201074
Email: civeng@just.edu.jo

Lab Location

Building 332
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