Contracts, Specifications and Quantity Surveying

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The contracts module covers contracting process, elements of contracts, tendering and methods of contract awards, bid preparation and bid evaluation. Types of contracts: lump sum, unit price, and cost plus contracts. Engineering service contracts, design build contracts, and construction contracts. The FIDIC conditions of contracts: Engineer, Employer, and Contracts role and responsibilities; interim and final payments certification; testing and inspection; variation orders; force majeur and employer risks; termination of contracts; claims and arbitration.

The specifications module covers the types of specifications: standard and special specifications; open, closed, and restricted specifications; prescription and performance specifications; writing specifications; and key specifications of major civil works including those of concrete, reinforced steel, lumber, masonry, tiles, plastering, and paint.

The quantity surveying module is the major one covering understanding plans and specifications; using standard forms; and performing quantity takeoffs of major civil works: excavations, concrete, reinforced steel, lumber, masonry, tiles, plastering, sanitary, and painting. Principles of electro/mechanical works will also be studied. 

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Contracts, Specifications and Quantity Surveying

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