Name Sami Abed Al-Moatti Theeb Tayyem
Employer  Abu Dhabi Fertlizer Industries Co. W.L.L.
Division Production Departmen
UAE, Abu Dhab,Industrial Mussafah
City Abu Dhabi
Phone 971,553,214,371
Company's Fax No. 97,125,511,702
Year B.Sc. Degree obtained January,2012
Current Highest Degree B.Sc.
Current Position Production Engineer (Shift Supervisor)
Primary Job Function Operation
Please rate the following abilities, attributes, and skills that JUST has equipped you with during your study. FIRST, rate how JUST has prepared you in each, SECOND, rate how important each has been relative to your needs and employment experience since graduation.

1(a) Apply mathematics, and scientific principles and methods.
2 (Very good)
1(b) Importance: Moderate
2(a) Design, conduct experiments, analyze, and interpret experimental data 3 (Good)
2(b) Importance: Moderate
3(a) Design a system, component, or process to meet a desired need and apply modern computer tools and packages for process design 3 (Good)
3(b) Importance: Low
4(a) Function cooperatively on multi-disciplinary teams 1 (Excellent)
4(b) Importance: High
5(a) Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems 2 (Very good)
5(b) Importance: High
6(a) Understand professional and ethical responsibility 1 (Excellent)
6(b) Importance: High
7(a) Communicate effectively in oral, written, graphical and visual forms 1 (Excellent)
7(b) Importance: High
8(a) Understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global and local context 2 (Very good)
8(b) Importance: Moderate
9(a) Independently seek new knowledge using various resources and are motivated to pursue further education and training 1 (Excellent)
9(b) Importance: High
10(a) Stay updated on current technology trends and adopt to advances in technologies and disciplines related to their field 2 (Very good)
10(b) Importance: High
11(a) Effectively use technology (e.g. computers, software, high tech equipment, etc..) in engineering practice 3 (Good)
11(b) Importance: Low
Please feel free to provide any further comments on the program curriculum and your educational experience at JUST, and to make suggestions on ways to improve the department and curriculum.
As a Chemical engineer after two years from my graduation and tried more than one field (Process, Quality,Sales, and Production) I suggest that our department management has to restudy the curriculum of B.Sc and more focus on operation courses needs in practical fields and improve our program with marketing courses as we explored that there is a big demand on them in the practical field. Also I suggest that to omitted the extra (not needed) course such as Electrical courses (Circuits) and some courses in the first 3 years as we they are not useful for us in our practical fields, and work on empower the department courses and allow undergrad students to select their graduation project by themselves not only from the department. We would like be always connected with you to hear from each other to improve our major and profession level for all. Appreciate your kind efforts.