Name Hadeel Hmoud
City Irbed
Phone 962,785,097,572
Company's Fax No.  
Year B.Sc. Degree obtained 2010
Current Highest Degree B.Sc.
Current Position Online - Projects Manager
Primary Job Function Internet Marketing [not related to engineering :) ]
Please rate the following abilities, attributes, and skills that JUST has equipped you with during your study. FIRST, rate how JUST has prepared you in each, SECOND, rate how important each has been relative to your needs and employment experience since graduation.

1(a) Apply mathematics, and scientific principles and methods.
3 (Good)
1(b) Importance: Low
2(a) Design, conduct experiments, analyze, and interpret experimental data 4 (Weak)
2(b) Importance: Low
3(a) Design a system, component, or process to meet a desired need and apply modern computer tools and packages for process design 4 (Weak)
3(b) Importance: Low
4(a) Function cooperatively on multi-disciplinary teams 3 (Good)
4(b) Importance: High
5(a) Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems 4 (Weak)
5(b) Importance: High
6(a) Understand professional and ethical responsibility 4 (Weak)
6(b) Importance: High
7(a) Communicate effectively in oral, written, graphical and visual forms 2 (Very good)
7(b) Importance: High
8(a) Understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global and local context 4 (Weak)
8(b) Importance: Moderate
9(a) Independently seek new knowledge using various resources and are motivated to pursue further education and training 4 (Weak)
9(b) Importance: High
10(a) Stay updated on current technology trends and adopt to advances in technologies and disciplines related to their field 4 (Weak)
10(b) Importance: High
11(a) Effectively use technology (e.g. computers, software, high tech equipment, etc..) in engineering practice 4 (Weak)
11(b) Importance: High
Please feel free to provide any further comments on the program curriculum and your educational experience at JUST, and to make suggestions on ways to improve the department and curriculum.
Dear Sirs, I would like to share some of the thoughts I have with you: 1. I recommend changing our name from Chemical Engineers to Process Engineers [ to avoid the for-ever-conflict between us and Chemists, also because there are many processes that doesn't include chemical reactions - so the word "chemical" can at some situations limit our abilities] 2. during the first 2.5 years I didn't know what chemical engineering was about :) [ most of my colleges are the same] --> I recommend including 1 credit hr per semester from year 1, that includes introduction about chemical engineering [ not principles of chemical engineering, but to introduce who we are what we do and the global challenges we need solve like energy consumption and environmental issues maybe something about ethical responsibility also we need to learn more about technical writing before we start writing our own reports] 3. Generally, in Jordan we have a gap between education and knowledge --> I recommend increasing the share of practical experience in the curriculum - not by increasing the training credit hrs required for graduation because most of us did nothing during that period - instead adding more Labs to the curriculum also getting pilot plants would help a lot [I know this may exceed the department budget - it's just a thought :) ] 4. We need to include more simulation, programming and interface software's in the curriculum --> simulation software should be included with "Principles of Chem. Eng." , "Modeling", "Equipment Design", "mass and seperation" and many other courses - nowadays, in the real market every thing is done using softwares and portable devices. Those are the most important notes that came to my mind. Thank you, Hadeel