الوسائل للمھندسين الطبيين الحيويين

Lab Description

Lab Engineer: Ruba Alomari 

1 Credit hour (3 hrs lab) aims at applying basic software packages such as Matlab, Mathcad, computational mechanics software, electrical circuits modeling software used in various stages of the Biomedical Engineering curriculum and to develop the student's understanding of appropriate uses of computer systems and to improve the student's skill in using a computer as a tool to solve engineering problems. 

The equipment used in this lab are: 

1. Desktop Computers 

2. Basic Software Packages (SPSS, Matlab, Mathcad, LabVIEW)​


Lab Experiments:

  • Introduction to SPSS
  • Introduction to Matlab
  • Introduction to Signal Processing in Matlab
  • Introduction to Image Processing in Matlab
  • Introduction to Simulink in Matlab
  • Introduction to Multisim
  • Introduction to LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW Programming Structures
  • Arrays and Cluster in LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW /interface with Excel, Matlab and Multisim​​
 Handout Manual::

Lab Location

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