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Oral Histology

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   This is one of the courses provided by the Department of Oral Medicine and Surgery for undergraduate 2nd year students in the Bachelor Degree in the Science of Dentistry during the second semester. The course has two components, lectures and corresponding practical training in laboratories. The lecture topics cover the entire field of Oral and Maxillofacial Histology. They include the different stages of odontogenesis, details of tooth structure and its supporting tissues as well as the oral tissues and adjoining structures. The first two lectures review the relevant orofacial embryology, which is significant for understanding the development of teeth and oral tissues.  During each practical session, students examine the tissues covered in the corresponding lecture by presenting slides on a data projector. By the end of each practical session, the student has to submit a report on the duties that he/she has been asked to execute in the laboratories.

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Oral Histology

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Course Syllabus

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