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Dental Anatomy and Occlusion

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This is one of the courses provided by the Department of Oral Medicine and Surgery for undergraduate 2nd year students in the Bachelor Degree in the Science of Dentistry during the second semester. The course has two components, lectures and corresponding practical training in laboratories. The lecture topics cover detailed dental macroscopic anatomy and the basic principles of dental occlusion. Each lecture covers one class of permanent teeth and there is a separate lecture for deciduous teeth. The first two lectures present the dental notation systems and chronology of development and the last lectures introduce the fundamentals of dental occlusion.  The practical sessions focus on developing the skills of carving different teeth out of wax blocks. This practice is assumed to help students recalling the details of tooth morphology and improving their manual skills. The latter is significant to have been developed before upgrading to 3rd year. The sessions also include practicing on dental notation, dental age estimation, occlusion as well as skills of tooth identification. By the completion of the practical sessions, each student has to hand in for assessment the laboratory book containing the completed duties that they have been asked to execute.


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Dental Anatomy and Occlusion

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Course Syllabus

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