Dental Technology Lab

Lab Description

This is a fully equipped laboratory for dental technology students that hosts the second, third, and some of the fourth year courses.

The Dental Technology laboratory is supplied the following equipment
High quality Dental technician working benches,  Porcelain furnaces , Inceram furnaces , High speed grinders, Flask pressers, flasks, Polishing units, Boiling out units (dewaxers), Polymerization units, Preheating  furnaces, Devesting and sandblasting units, Vibrators, Duplicating units, Duplicating flasks, Induction casting machines,Wet and dry steam cleaners,  Electrolytic polishing units, Drying  cabinets, Model trimmers, Vacuum mixers,  Model  saws, Pindex  systems, Articulators, Vaccum hood  and all other needed equipment needed for teaching purposes for the dental technology courses.



Lab Location

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