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برنامج ناسا التدريبي

NASA Internship Program

Students will be selected by adhering to the following criteria:

Criteria for Application: 1. Students must be registered in a full-time B.Sc. degree in a Jordanian university. 2. Students must be majoring in an engineering discipline and in their fourth year. 3. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5/4 or above, or its equivalent standard. 4. Students must show proficiency in English. 5. Students must have demonstrated the successful completion of their engineering graduation project.


Requested Documents:  1. Students must submit their full transcripts. 2. Students must submit a two-page description of their project and its outcome.  3. Students must write a letter expressing their interest to join the internship program by answering the following questions:  a. Why should NASA choose my project? b. How does my project benefit NASA and Jordan?  4. Students who have conducted research with their faculty are encouraged to submit their paper(s) or publication(s) that about their efforts. 5. Students must submit two letters of recommendation from university faculty staff members they have worked closely with, or taken courses, at their university, specifically detailing the applicant’s performance, and why they qualify as a strong candidate for this internship. Generic letters will not be accepted. 6. Students must submit a 3-minute video of themselves, talking about their background, project and making the case for what they can bring to this internship. 7. Students must submit a copy of their passports valid at least until June 2019.  8. Students must submit 4 passport photos.  9. Students must submit their resumes in English. 10. Students must fill the requested form, available at the Dean of Engineering’s office at the university- in English and Arabic. 


Note:  Please upload all documents on a CD or a flash memory drive and coordinate with the Dean of Engineering at your university to apply.