​1. ​ADIRA-Desalinatio​n project - EU
​​​​​2. ​Piloting Climate Change Adaptation to Protect Human Health in Jordan -WHO

​QRACEST offered consultan​cy services to UNDP to develop a national proposal on Adaptation to Climate Change  to Sustain    Jordan's      MDG  Achievements. 

The project activities included the following:


i.  Stakeholder analysis and stocktaking exercise for the program


ii. Organization of stakeholders’ roundtable


iii.  Methodological framework for joint program implementation


iv.  Organization of the joint program consultation workshop


v.    Preparation of the Joint program document to be submitted for funding​​



The Joint Program proposal developed by QRACEST expert has been funded by UNDP/Spain MDG Achievement Fund under the MDG-F Environment and Climate Change Adaptation thematic window.


3. ​​Integrated water resources project – EU.

 The project aimed at developing curriculum in Efficient Water management for Syrian Universities.

4. Water Efficiency public information for Action (WEAPIA) USAID.

The project funded by a USAID Water Efficiency and Information for Action (WEPIA) Project. The main objective was to audit buildings within the municipal sector and to recommend water retrofitting program. Around 50 buildings which included households, universities, governmental and students dorms were audited. A plan for water retrofitting was developed. For each of the audited buildings a n economic feasibility for adopting the retrofit plan was developed. A pay back period of each option was estimated. Implementation of the retrofit plan for students dorms within JUST campus was implemented by a private firm and supervised by specialists from Queen Rania Al Abdalla Center for Environmental Science and Technology. 

5. Environmental Education in the Eastern Mediterranean . U.S. State Department.
6. Enhancing Environmental Sustainability through Energy Efficiency and Renewable energy Technology. PETE Program.

The American University of Beirut (AUB), in partnership with the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), the Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU), and Birzeit University, developed renewable energy program and technology to enhance energy efficiency and contribute to environmental sustainability in the Middle East.  The program, with the help of US partners from the Northwestern Energy Education Institute, the Florida Solar Energy Center, and PRD Consulting, will build training capacity at the four Middle Eastern universities and empower them to contribute to a forward-looking energy policy for the region. The project was sponsored by the US Department of State. Some of JUST faculty were trained on conducting energy audits.​​

7. King Hussein Evironmental Management Training project. (KHEMTP) WUSC-Canada.

Through this project a group of QRACEST staff members were trained to become trainers (TOT) in the areas of Natural Resources Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Auditing and Public Outreach and Awareness. Management. This project has created a team of trainers who deliver training both in Jordan and the region among which environmental and water auditing. As a result, some of the faculty members have become certified auditors.​
​8. Jordan Water Skills Enhancement and Information to Decision-makers. USAID

Through this project, the faculty members of QRACEST participated with other faculty members from other Jordanian Universities in the capacity building and development of the Jordanian water professionals from the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, in various areas of water and wastewater management and engineering. The project lasted for three years and funded by USAID.

9. Environmental Curriculum Development for University and professional Education in the Middle East and the United States. USIA.
10. Minimum water requirements for Health in Housholds- CEHA/WHO.

The Project was funded by CEHA/WHO and aimed at conducting a research on minimum water requirements for health in the Jordanian households in order to develop risk assessment matrix that links water consumption level to the incidence of diarrhea amongst children under


11.Waste water reuse project-USAID.
12. Medical Waste Management project for Northern Jordan. USAID.
13.Echo-health project in North Jordan Valley, IDRC.
14. Biogas project – UNDP
15.River Bank Filtration project- NATO.
16.Envrionmental Performance of Tourism LIFE – EU.
17.Project on Awareness and Capacity Building to Manage the Risks of Climate Change on Water Resources in Northen Jordan - مشروع التوعية وبناء القدرات في مجال إدارة مخاطر التغير المناخي على موارد المياه في شمال الأردن. Click Here to enter project website.
18.The Use of Green Nanoparticles as a Biofouling-Resistant Agent in Reverse Osmosis Desalination.
19.Building Capacity in Water Integrity

For More Information about Project Press Here: Building Capacity in Water Integrity​

 For More Informaton about Project ​Press Here: Eco_House​

21.Enhancing Water Education at the University Level in Jordan by Incorporating an Innovative Multi-Agent Modeling and Analysis Tool