Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World

Under the umbrella of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization -ISESCO- the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World​ (FUIW) was created, upon the recommendation of the OIC Standing Committee for Scientific and Technological Cooperation.
In 30/11-1/12/1987 was held the Constitutive Conference of the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World, in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco. The Federation's Statute stipulates that its permanent headquarters shall be within ISESCO's General Directorate.
Paragraph (3) of article (4) of the Statute provides, also, that the Director General of the Islamic Organization shall be ex-officio, the Secretary General of the Federation.
The General Secretariat shall be entrusted with such tasks as invitation to attend the General Conference and the Executive Council's sessions and preparation of their agendas, implementation of decisions and resolutions issued, preparation of draft action plans and budgets, and draft internal financial and administrative regulations with a view to submitting them to the Council, in addition to securing secretariat works for the Federation's Council and Conference. ISESCO's Financial and Administrative Affairs Directorate shall keep the funds of the Federation and run them according to its regulations.
It shall, also, present its financial report to the Council for consideration. 
FUIW is an independent legal entity made up of national universities in the Islamic World, whether public or private. Its connection with ISESCO is in line with the organization's objectives set out in the Charter. By virtue of its being the International Islamic Organ specialized in education, science and culture, educational matters in general, at the Muslim World level, in theory, planning or coordination fall within ISESCO's competence.