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Online Pre-departure Meeting with JUST Exchange Students within the Erasmus+ ICM Program

The International Relations Office (IRO) at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) held an online Pre-departure orientation for JUST outgoing students for the first semester of 2021-2022.
The Director of the International Relations Office, Dr. Feda Al-Tamimi, welcomed the students and congratulated them for being officially selected, underscoring the competitive and fair selection process. Dr. Al-Tamimi also emphasised the responsibility they must shoulder as being ambassadors of JUST and Jordan. Dr. Al-Tamimi highlighted the crucial role the university administration plays in supporting its students abroad, and that the IRO will continue to support students in all ways and means and in case of emergencies, if any.

Ms. Fawzia Ammoura, Head of Academic Exchange Programs at JUST, monitored the meeting by checking students’ mobility preparation process making sure the students successfully complete all program requirements and procedures in addition to assisting their online registration and accreditation by relevant faculties at JUST. It is worth to be mentioned that JUST IRO has designed an Academic Exchange Portal for exchange students which allows them to register their courses with the ability to edit them during their mobility and organize them after the mobility. This new service has saved time and efforts and made the mobility process easier for both the students and the office. Ms. Ammoura also shared information about guidelines the students have to follow once they arrive their host universities and what documents to keep with them as some EU university may ask them to submit certain documents upon arrival.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all mobilities were suspended for the semesters following the pandemic outbreak. Now, with the vaccines being approved and rolled-out around the world, and with hope that life will start getting back to normal, the IRO and EU partners have decided to resume few mobilities taking into consideration all pre-cautions measures. As a result, 20 students have been accepted this semester under the Erasmus+ ICM Program to study in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Lithuania, Poland and Romania.
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