54 Successful Erasmus+ ICM applications between JUST and EU HIEs
Event Date: 06 February 2021

The International Relations Office at Jordan University of Science and Technology is pleased to announce the awarding of 54 projects under the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Program which is funded by the European Commission. The IRO managed during the past year to collaborate with new partners in new EU countries like Finland and Ireland to be added to the list of 21 EU countries like Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Romanian, Lithuanian… etc. Updated Erasmus partners list you will find on the IRO website:


New calls for international credit mobilities will be announced at the beginning of the Spring Semester 2020/2021, while mobilities should take place at the Fall semester of 2021/2022. Students should apply online through students' services. An email will be sent to all JUST students and will be shared on the IRO social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram). Call details will be shared along with the announcement once published. Students are advised to check their emails and the IRO website regularly for eligibility, selection criteria, mobility documents and all other details we made available at:


All mobilities are subject to the circumstances of the global sanitary contingency. As a response to COVID-19 outbreak, all mobilities were cancelled at the beginning of the pandemic. Now, after lifting restrictions imposed on travel and education, it was possible to arrange few numbers of mobilities, and we hope by Fall 2021 life will be back to normal.

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility program is an exchange program funded by the European Union. It allows students from Jordanian Higher Educational Institutions to spend part of their studies in another higher education institution (HEI) in Europe for a maximum of two semesters. Students receive fund to cover their mobility expenses (Travel expenses and monthly allowance). ​