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Important announcement for students who want to study in Europe on the first semester of the university year 2021/2022

circle-xxl.pngImportant announcement for students who want to study in Europe on the first semester of the university year 2021/2022

Dear students of the Jordanian University of Science and Technology, applications for Academic Exchange programs ′′ Erasmus ′′ will be opened during the second semester of 2020/2021 for students who want to study in Europe on the first semester of the 2021/2022. school year All movement opportunities available during February and March 2021. are announced. We therefore invite interested students to see the required conditions and papers, the selection mechanism and virtue in Arabic below.


The application is electronic through student services, where an announcement will be reached on a tabiba called ′′ Academic Movement ′′ for students who apply general conditions for participation of university students in academic movement programs, the most important of which is:

  • The student has successfully completed (36) certified hours minimum bachelor and (9) Hours accredited for higher studies

  • The exchange period may not be in the last semester of the student's study.

  • The student fulfills the required language clause in the host university.

  • The student meets the required degree of specialization and the required scientific degree.

  • Not to have been issued an academic or disciplinary alert during the previous year for his submission to join the program.

  • Not to have previously benefited from the same program while studying at the university.


60 % on the cumulative rate

20 % on proof of required language level

15 % motivation message

5 % CV

#The _ papers _ required to be uploaded during the electronic submission stage:

  • Certificate of proof of required language level

  • Motivation Letter Motivation

  • EU Format Biography

  • Filling out the nominating form for the program


All documents should be in English

All documents must be in pdf format

For details in Arabic, please see the details below:

#شهادة_اثبات_مستوى_اللغة Language Proficiency

The required language level is determined with each announcement according to the condition of the hosted university. Note that the language level is graduated from the beginner's A1 A2 to the intermediate level of B1- B2 to the advanced level of C1-C, and the lowest level required for all opportunities is B2 and if the student does not meet the required language requirement, the office excludes the request from the trade-off.

The language certificates are TOEFL - IELTS but not exceeding five years. If the student doesn't have time to get it, the office accepts certificates issued by the following centers only #only

Amideast Center

British Council Institute

Student can apply for a level exam at Amideast center for a certificate within a week of level exam. Please contact the center for details.

Language evaluation:

Language level is allocated to a mark of 20 distributed as follows:

C2: 20

C1: 17

B2: 14

B1: 11

In case the Spanish language requirement the only accredited institute is the Instituto Cervantes

The student will be provided with the names of the accredited language centers if requested.

#رسالة_الدوافع Motivation Letter

Motivation message (motivation) is key to learning student goals and motivation. For the committee that improves applications, the motive message is one of the most important documents that we are taking time to read carefully.

One of the reasons why the motivation letter gets a low assessment is:

  • A general message with no sign of details of the applicant and his motivation.
  •  Uncoordinated message from Google.
  •  Matching motivation messages to more than one student.
  • Messages full of spelling errors.
  • Tips when writing motivation letter
  • Make sure that the message is an anchored and mention important details like: your name and field of study
  • The message must be no more than one page, write accurately, expressively and briefly.
  •  Visit the official website of the university you intend to apply to, learn about your specialty, and mention the most important thing that made you choose to study in.
  • Yes you speak for yourself in the message, but writing style has to be official, balance between them.
  • The motivation message is not limited to the scientific side, as the student will not spend five months on the university campus, so the student should mention in his message the reasons for wanting to live within a new culture and life, and maybe, how you want to reflect your culture Right there
  • Start writing a letter now and back to it later, because every time you reread your words you will have new insight and new ideas.

#Biography C.V.
Create a resume on the website approved by EU countries at the following link:

And don't forget to mention the names of the certificates you received, the activities you participated in or any voluntary work.
Knowing how much you participate in such activities leaves an impression of you that you are able to represent your university and country during your travel.

Filling out a grant nominee form

The student should select the paths he intends to study during the Exchange class at the Partner University and include them in the nominating model for the scholarship, provided it matches the study plan at the University of Science and Technology.

Important note about required documents: Some European universities may request other documents, such as English signs detection or proof of a student, and if requested, the student should extract these documents through student services and obtain the paper copy of the Admission and Registration Unit. The student will be provided with a list of special documents with each announcement according to the requirements of the university.

Find the information yourself! During your travel you will travel alone and fully depend on yourself, so, depending on yourself from now on.

Incoming students are advised to arrive at Queen Alia Airport, so it is easy for ISN buddy to arrange your pick-up. While possibility to help with your airport pick up from Aqaba airport is impossible. We can send you instructions how to get to Irbid from Aqaba city.​

circle-xxl.pngAbout Erasmus Plus​​

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility program is one of the most important programs that supports the movement of students and members of the two faculty and administrative bodies to and from the European universities that have a joint exchange agreement between them and our universities.

The program is supported by the European Union, and program participants receive financial allocations to cover travel and accommodation expenses. The student is provided with the length of exchange and financial support in detail with each announcement...



#When does application start and when is travel?

Academic movement opportunities are announced before a semester of exchange. Details of the timeline for upcoming opportunities:
  • Announcement phase: Application for academic movement opportunities will be opened for the second semester 2020/2021 during February and March 2021 Selection and differentiation stage: A three-faculty committee evaluates applications on the basis of the above trade. The list of applications nominated to the Partner University is being sent for final selection by them.
  • The stage of announcing the results of final admissions: The final results will be announced once they arrive from the partner university
  • Travel Stage: Exchange class will be on the first semester 2021-2022 for final admitted students.

Frequently asked questions

#Q: Why are there no academic movement opportunities for my specialty?
#A: The specialty between our university and the European partner university is determined based on: its availability mainly, and the language of teaching is English. This means, if you don't open opportunities for exchanges, your specialty may not be available at the Partner European University, and if available, it may not be available in English.
#Q: The advertisement did not appear on student services?
#A: If the ad doesn't appear, this means you are not eligible to apply because the program conditions don't apply to you.
#Q: I am studying at the expense of the Holy Mosques, working children, aid fund, grants and loans... Can I apply for academic exchange opportunities?
#A: The program is available to all students on the lesson seat without exception to any donor or nationality.
#Q: I am a master's student and I want to do a part of the message in Europe, can I?
#A: Yes, postgraduate students are allowed to make a part of the message at a rate of 6 hours with the message proposal ready and after the admin is identified. The student fills out a special form provided he corresponds to the partner university and obtains the approval of the letter during the exchange period.

Best of luck to all of you
Prepared by: Office of International Relations
Division of Academic Movement and Follow-up Programs

Do you plan to study in Europe at the First Semester of 2021/2022?

Then it is time to prepare your mobility documents! Check the IRO website to learn more about selection criteria, mobility documents and all other details made available at: