09 Apr 2023
Toukan: The Jordanian Nuclear Reactor is a Scientific Edifice

April 5 /// The Chairman of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. Khaled Toukan, stressed the importance of building partnerships and real cooperation between the Commission and Jordanian universities with scientific specialization, institutions and Jordanian research centers in the fields of training and research in order to improve and achieve scientific research and its operating institutions.

The President of Jordan University of Science and Technology, Prof. Khalid El-Salem, accompanied by the deans of the Faculties of Engineering, Medicine, Science and Nanotechnology had a visit to the Jordanian nuclear reactor for research and training. During the visit, Toukan said that the Jordanian nuclear reactor represents a lofty scientific edifice in the Jordanian achievement at the national and global level. Toukan added that this would not be a reality without the creative Jordanian competencies and expertise that work in the Jordanian nuclear reactor with all Persistence and determination to achieve advanced levels of nuclear achievement for peaceful purposes.

For his part, El-Salem explained that the Jordanian nuclear reactor is a national and strategic project that serves many scientific, research and training sectors and helps build Jordanian national capabilities and enhance the infrastructure in the field of nuclear technology, praising all the national cadres that run the Jordanian nuclear reactor

The director of the Jordanian nuclear reactor, Prof. Majd al-Hawari, gave a briefing on the work of the reactor and its uses for peaceful purposes, the applications of the reactor and the mechanism of its workflow, especially with regard to the production of radioactive iodine, which is supplied to Jordanian medical centers and for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients.