05 Feb 2023
Community of Practice (CoP) in E-learning for five universities conducted using JUST Maharat platform by the GIZ

The German Organization for International Cooperation (GIZ) held a training workshop using the "Maharat" platform, Maharat is a platform that was launched by the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) in 2018 for open and continuous learning, entitled: “Blended Learning in (Dual) Higher Education”. The workshop aims to enhance interactivity through student-centered teaching methods in e-learning. Participants were trained from five Jordanian universities, including JUST represented by the Center for E-learning and Open Educational Resources.

The workshop started in October of 2022 and concluded in January of 2023. The objective of the workshop revolved around building and strengthening a Community of Practice (CoP) concerned with designing effective e-learning content in Jordanian universities and training instructional designers about the optimal selection of educational technologies to achieve the learning objectives effectively.

The workshop covered various topics for training the participants to employ modern teaching methods in e-learning which included the following:
- Characteristics of online education, blended learning, and virtual learning for ways to apply them.
- Online interactive educational methods.
- The main aspects of inclusive learning.