11 Aug 2021
El – Salem, President of Jordan University of Science and Technology

El – Salem, President of Jordan University of Science and Technology 

A royal decree was issued on Monday, 9th of August,2021 appointing 

prof. Khaled El-Salem president of Jordan University of Science and Technology for a period of four years.


Prof. Khalid El-Salem    MD|FAAN|MHPE

Summary Statement

In the academic year of 1989-1990 Prof. Khalid El-Salem finished his high school ranking 

first nationwide in the kingdom of Jordan in the General High School Examination (Tawjihi)

 with an average score of 98.3%. He joined the medical school at Jordan University of Science

 and Technology (JUST) with a full scholarship and was on the university honor list and college 

of medicine honor list for distinguished academic performance in 1991-1992. After graduating

 from JUST in 1996, Prof. El-Salem perused his higher education in the United States at the 

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Duke University Medical Center for 5 years,

 during which he was trained in Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology and received honors

 for distinguished academic performance ranking on the 99th centile in the national American

 Residency In Training Exam. He became American Board Certified in 4 subspecialties: Neurology,

 Clinical Neurophysiology, Electrodiagnostic Medicine, and Neuromuscular Medicine. He also received

a master's degree in health professions education. In 2002, he came back home to join the medical 

school of JUST as an assistant professor, to be promoted over the following years to associate and then full professor in 2012.


During that time Prof. El-Salem was appointed to many administrative positions, from chairman 

of specialty, to assistant dean of medicine, vice dean of scientific research, vice dean of graduate 

studies, dean of graduate studies, and finally vice president of JUST (during which he also served 

as the acting president of JUST and chairman of board of directors of King Abdullah University

Hospital for a 4-month transitional period and received a letter of appreciation from the board 

of trustees for distinguished leadership performance). As the Vice President of JUST, 

his responsibilities span through the faculties of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, 

applied medical sciences, graduate studies, agriculture, veterinary medicine, 

as well as the health centers, the pharmaceutical research center, the regional institute 

for infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance, and Princess Haya biotechnology center.

 As a part of his duties, he attended numerous workshops related to higher education and 

quality assurance, on top of a long list of professional conferences worldwide.


Part of many achievement of El-Salem, he established the first neurology residency program in

 Jordan along with his peers, which is still the only program in country till this moment, and the 

first higher specialty program of neurology at JUST. He also established the first sophisticated 

neurophysiology laboratory in the country. Prof. El-Salem was then recognized by his peers by

 being elected as chairman of the scientific committee of the Jordanian Neurological Society for

 two years, and then became the youngest neurologist to be elected as the president of 

the Jordanian Neurological Society (the leading neurology position in Jordan), serving as

 such for two years. Prof. El-Salem was the first neurologist in the country, and amongst

 a few in the region, to be granted the prestigious fellow status of the American Academy of Neurology.


Prof. El-Salem was appointed as a member of the board of trustees of two government 

universities; Muta University for two years, then Tafila Technical University for four years.

He served in many high ranked committees in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific

 Research (detailed later) and chaired the medical and pharmaceutical sector committee for 

Scientific Research Fund. He also chaired the scientific committee of the Jordanian Board 

of Neurology and served as a member of the higher education committee for the board. 

He was either a team leader or a team member of numerous well-funded research projects 

from both national and international funding agencies, and served on the advisory boards

 of multiple pharmaceutical companies in the area of his specialty.


Prof. El-Salem presented his scientific research in the highest impact conferences in the field, 

in the United States and Western Europe, and won the prize of best abstract presented in 

the 11th Congress of the European Federation of Neurological Societies (EFNS), 

August 27th, 2007, Brussels, Belgium. He managed to publish numerous articles in the leading journals 

of neurology and medical education and continues to be active in research with multiple 

on-going institutional, national, and international projects.