18 Jul 2021
JUST Organized Open Day for Innovative projects Funded by ENI CBC MED

Under the patronage of H.E Mohammed Al-Nabulsi, the Minister of Youth, Prof. Saeb Khresat, President of JUST, inaugurated the activities of the Open Day of the MYSEA and USOLVE ENI CBC MED projects which are locally coordinated by JUST.

Prof. Saeb Khresat in his welcome speech expressed his appreciation to the EU for the funds and support granted to Jordan. Prof. Fahmi Abu Al-Rub, the local coordinator of the two projects acknowledged the importance of the these two projects in solving the problem of unemployment among youth, NEETs and women in Jordan through innovative training workshops and courses on blue and green economies.

Dr. Esmat Karadsheh, the coordinator of Eastern Mediterranean Office of the ENI CBC MED projects briefed the audience on the importance of ENI projects in the sustainable development of the target areas and the benefits for the people of these areas.

In addition to MYSEA and U-SOLVE, the activities involved presentations from the stakeholders of both projects and presentations from other ENI projects that are in synergy with MYSEA and U-SOLVE projects.