04 Mar 2020
A Day in Space Science

The Department of Physics, under the patronage of the Dean of the College of Science and Arts, the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology and a number of faculty members from both colleges hosted on Thursday 2/27/2020 AstroJo, a Jordanian Scientific institution specialized in Astronomical science, during the event " A Day in Space Sciences ". The event included several parts that started with a lecture entitled " Space Science and Artificial Intelligence" delivered by the participants in the British training program organized by AstroJo, where they demonstrated the importance of technology and the applications of artificial intelligence  in  the development of space and astronomy science.  Dr. Alaa Al-Azzam, President of AstroJo, announced the opening of the registration for the  students of Jordan University of Science and Technology in the physics and technology majors to join the training program on Big Data, which is hosted by the AstroJo in partnership with University College London (UCL) and she explained the importance of this unique program for Jordan's aspiring youth because of the diversity of its applications in most sectors in Jordan such as: education, housing, and energy. The event's activities were concluded by introducing the audience to the three-dimensional astronomical dome, which is among the activities organized by AstroJo aiming at educating the Jordanian society in space science in a new and attractive way. It is worth noting that Dr. Al-Azzam is a graduate of Jordan University of Science and Technology/Department of Physics, and she is now a faculty member in the Department of Physics at The University of Jordan.


At the end of the event, Prof. Qutaibah Khatatbeh, Dean of the College of Science and Arts,  and Prof. Hasan Al-Khateeb, Head of the Physics Department, thanked astroJo for this educational day, and expressed their enthusiasm for more cooperation in the future.  Also, they thanked "Tajdeed Technology Foundation" for supporting this activity.​

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