14 Jul 2019
Jordan University of Science & Technology (JUST) is one of the Best 100 Young Universities around the World – Times Higher Education Young University Ranking 2019

In an impressive historic achievement, and as one of many that has been achieved on the international higher education level over the last two years, JUST has continued to gain momentum and advance in the international higher education rankings that made it earn the rank of 91st best university according to the "The Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2019". This achievement is indeed a historic precedent on the level of Jordanian higher education institutions, and compares favorably with prestigious international universities in countries such as Germany, Australia, Ireland among others. With this new rank, JUST has made a quick progress and advanced from the 101-150 best universities' rank only last year to 91st for the current year 2019.

On this occasion, JUST president, Prof. Saeb Khresat, expressed his utmost pride and delight of this achievement as a great undeniable sign of JUST excellence, and is a proof that JUST practices and cumulative efforts by the university's staff and associates are on the right track. Prof. Khresat also that our Jordanian higher education enjoys a great regional and international reputation as evidenced by JUST recent achievements, as well as other Jordanian state and private universities' advanced ranking worldwide. Prof. Khresat called on all to exert even more effort to achieve the vision of his Majesty King Abdullah II in a leading and distinguished Jordanian higher education.

Prof. Mohammad Al-Widyan, Director of the Academic Development Center and Quality Assurance has stated that this achievement credited largely to the supported by JUST top administration, should be credited to everyone's hard work and commitment to promote JUST in global rankings adding that only universities established after 1969 worldwide can compete on this ranking. This year round, only 351 universities were able to secure positions in this rank competed against 1200 universities worldwide.