24 Mar 2019
JUST Pioneers in Providing Digital Online Competency Exam Certificates

Jordan University of Science & Technology (JUST) has launched an electronic application for JUST students that would allow them to download digital copies of their own University academic competency exam certificates online any time any place.

JUST, in collaboration with the Jordanian Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions, is the first and thus far the only Jordanian university to provide such an innovative service. The Academic Development and Quality Assurance Center at JUST has worked on this approach as a cost-effective initiative to provide students with digital forms rather than paper-based forms of the certificate.

Commenting on this initiative, Prof. Saeb Khresat, JUST President, said that the competency exam is a cornerstone measurement of the extent of attainment of intended skills among graduated of Jordanian universities, and it can be used as a method to compare between the different Jordanian universities. Prof. Khresat has stressed out JUST commitment to use all its resources to serve the students' community to the best and most effective way possible, adding that replacing paper-based competency exam certificates for tens of thousands of students would result in substantial savings in both human and financial resources.

From their side, JUST students have expressed their deep gratitude and commended the new electronic service for being able to access their certificates with ease as it saves their time and effort